Asa Akira Biography

Asa Akira is an insatiable Japanese beauty who has always had an obsession with sex. She was always drawn to the world of adult entertainment and was fascinated by strippers and pornstars long before becoming one herself. She admits that her love of attention and promiscuous nature has played a big part in her life. She is extremely turned on at the knowledge of strangers watching her perform and it allows her to fully embrace her exhibitionist side. When Asa says that she loves her work, she means it. She was made for porn.

Asa was born January 3, 1986 in New York. Her father had come to the United States with her grandfather, who was a Japanese Diplomat. Her mother was in the country as part of an exchange program. At age 9, Asa’s family moved to Tokyo and then returned to New York several years later. She is an only child.

After graduating high school, Asa worked as a dominatrix and then as a stripper. From there, it was an easy transition into pornography. She has always been comfortable being naked in front of others and being on camera excited her. She has said that each scene is a high and she falls in love with the moment. She doesn’t tune out what she is doing, instead she feels her most present while in a scene and allows herself to fully feel the pleasure and emotion that comes with it. If the idea of a scene doesn’t seem sexy to her, she will not accept the project. It is every bit as much about Asa living out her own erotic desires as it is about earning a living. It is that authenticity along with her gorgeous 5’2” 32C-24-32 figure and pretty Asian face that have helped her rise so high in the ranks and take home dozens of industry awards.

With well over 400 films to her credit, Asa is often chosen for fetish work. She used to be bothered by so many requests to play “the Asian girl”, but she has since come to embrace it. She is never ashamed of her job and accepts that hardcore, explicit sexuality is just part of who she is and there is no reason not to own that and love it about herself. Her performances are unflinching and that is part of what makes her so amazing.

In addition to photo shoots and filming scenes, Asa also directs, feature dances, has a Fleshlight modeled after her, and has even written a book. She is extremely successful and is setting up her empire to keep it that way.

Asa remains very close to her parents. They found out about her career after she was doing it for about 6 months. They gave her a somewhat traditional Japanese upbringing and would much prefer that she do something else for a living. However, they love and accept her, so choose to simply not speak of that aspect of her life, even when speaking to her almost daily.

Asa Akira is truly a sex-fueled vixen and she makes it very obvious in all that she does. Best of all, she wants you as a witness to her outstanding acts of debauchery.

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